Managing Employees

Learn how to add your employees and manage them in the system

Adding an employee

Detailed walk-through of how to add an employee into LeavePro

Importing employees with the bulk import

Learn how to import multiple employees from a spreadsheet or CSV file

Sending invites to employees so they can access LeavePro

Find out how to send an invite to employees so they can login to check their leave balances and apply for leave

Viewing an employee's leave balances

Find out how to view an employee's leave balances

Managing an employee's leave policies

Learn how to view and change an employee's leave policies

Correcting an employee's leave balances

Learn how to make a correction to an employee's leave balances

Updating an employee's details

Learn how to change an employee's information such as their employee number, department and other details

Giving an employee administration access

How to give an employee administration access to the system or remove their administration rights

Ending an employee's employment

How to end an employee's employment and deactivate in LeavePro

Deleting an employee

How to completely remove an employee from the system

Viewing and reporting on inactive employees

How to view inactive employees and report on their leave applications

Reporting on employees and leave policies

How to view reports of employees and employees' leave policies