Correcting an employee's leave balances

Sometimes you may need to make a correction to an employee’s leave balances. For example, if an employee was add with the wrong initial balances.

To make a correction go to the “Employees” screen and click on the employee you’d like to correct.

Select the “Balances” tab and click the “Correct a balance” button.

Correct a balance button

You’ll see a warning saying that if the balance is incorrect because leave was not captured in the system then it’s recommended to rather submit a leave application for the employee. This is because corrections won’t appear in leave application reports.

Confirm that you do want to make a correction:

Confirm Correct a balance

You can now select the type of leave you’d like to make a correction to:

Select type of leave to correct

Correcting Annual Leave:

You can choose to correct:

  • Leave accrued this year
  • The carried forward balance from last year

You can choose to increase or decrease the balance.

You must also enter a reason for the correction.

Correcting Other Leave Types:

If making a correction to any other leave type then you will be able to change the leave taken balance.

Click “Save Correction” to save the change and update the employee’s leave balance.

Correct a balance screen

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