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Take the hassle out of managing and booking leave with our online leave management system. No more wasted time dealing with spreadsheets and paperwork.

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The ideal tool whether working remotely or in the office

No spreadsheets

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Streamline your leave applications and approvals.

Track employees' leave balances automatically.

Access the system anytime from your phone, tablet or PC.

Helps you stay compliant with the Basic Conditions of Employment.

Save time and money by managing your leave more efficiently

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Eliminate confusion by having one central place to access all leave information in your company

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Employees apply for leave with just a few clicks, with full access to their leave balances and history.

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Managers can easily see who will be away, allowing them to make swift, smart decisions and avoid potential scheduling conflicts.

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HR saves valuable time and resources. No more time-consuming manual leave tracking and reporting.

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