LeavePro Plus Features

Learn about the additional features in LeavePro Plus

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Learn how to set up LeavePro to use Google Workspace's SSO.

Leave Carried Forward Report

Report on employees with leave to be forfeited, with a quick one-click forfeit action.

Potential Sick Leave Abuse Report

Find potential sick leave abusers by looking for patterns.

Scheduled Reports

Receive scheduled leave reports in your inbox at month end.

Who's On Leave Notifications

Send employees daily or weekly notification to let them know who's on leave.

Leave Balance Notifications

Prevent leave from building up by employees to take leave once it reaches a certain level.

Bulk Leave Applications

Apply for leave for multiple employees at once.

Birthday Notifications

Leave approvers can receive a notification a few days before an employee's birthday.

SMS Notifications

Employees without e-mail can receive an SMS notification when their leave is approved or cancelled.

Blocked Dates

Block off dates when employees can't apply for leave.

Add your company logo to LeavePro

Learn how to brand LeavePro with your own company's logo.