Setting up your employees

Once you add your employees into the system LeavePro will automatically keep track of their leave balances so that you don’t have to.

Annual leave will accrue according to your leave policies. Other leave types such as sick leave will follow the rules in the BCEA by default.

Adding employees

If you have a large number of employees we’d recommend importing them from a spreadsheet to speed up the process.

We provide an Excel template that enables you to do a quick upload of all employees into Leavepro to save you time.

Alternatively you can add your employees one at a time.

We also offer a free setup service where we will load your employees onto the system for you.

For details instructions on adding employee’s:

Giving employees access to LeavePro:

You can send invites to employees so that they can access the system.

This allows them to apply for leave online and check their leave balances.

This is optional and you don’t have to give employee’s access to the system. No employee can access LeavePro unless you invite them.

You can choose to send invites when you first add employees or send them later.

When first trying out LeavePro you may just want to invite one or two key employees to help you test it, rather than everyone.

Click here to read more about sending invites to employees.

Types of access:

There are three types of access that an employee can have. This controls what they can do in the system.

  1. Administrators:
    Administrators can manage employees, change admin settings, run reports and view all leave applications. They can also apply for leave on behalf of any employee.

  2. Leave Approvers:
    Leave approvers can approve or decline leave applications sent for their attention and view their own employees leave balances and applications. They can also apply for leave on behalf of their employees.

  3. Empoyees:
    Employees can view their own leave balances and can apply for leave. You can optionally give them access to the company calendar to see who will be away.

Setting up types of leave
Setting up leave approval