Setting up leave approval

Overview of Leave Approval

When someone applies for leave it is automatically sent to the appropriate person for approval.

They receive an e-mail notification, and they can also login and see all applications waiting for their attention.

When approving they can see all relevant information to help them make a decision, such as the employee’s leave balances and who else will be away at the time.

The employee receives a notification once their leave has been approved or declined.

Department Approvers:

The easiest way to manage leave approvers is to setup an approver for each department.

Select “Administration -> Departments” from the menu

Department menu option

Click the department name and assign a leave approver for the department.

Other Ways to Set Up Approvers:

You can also allocate a specific leave approver for any employee.

You can even give some employees access to approve their own leave.

To do this go to the “Employees” screen and click on the employee’s name.

Click “Edit Employee” and you can select who should approve their leave.

Assign leave approver for employee

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