Loading overtime leave earned in lieu

If employees work overtime and earn time off in lieu of pay this can be loaded into the system.

Go to the “Employees” screen and click the “Load overtime” button.

Load overtime button

You’ll have two options:

  • Enter the overtime leave earned
  • Load the leave earned from a spreadsheet

Entering the overtime leave earned:

Enter overtime leave

You can enter the following information:

  • Date: The date that overtime was worked.
  • Leave days earned: The number of leave days earned. There is also an option to enter a different amount for each employee.
  • Employees: Select one or more employees who earned overtime.
  • Comments: Optional comments

Importing Overtime from a spreadsheet:

Select the spreadsheet to import by clicking the “Select file to import”.

Import overtime leave

The data in the spreadsheet will be validated. If there’s any problems you’ll see a message explaining what needs to be fixed.

The spreadsheet must be in the correct format. You can download a template to use for importing overtime. This includes the following columns:

  • Employee number: This is optional. If entered it will be used to lookup the employee
  • First name and surname: This is optional. If entered it will be used to lookup the employee.
  • Date: The date the overtime was worked
  • Overtime leave days earned: The number of days overtime that were earned. For example, if an employee earned half a day then you would enter 0.5.
  • Comment: An optional description of the overtime worked
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