Managing Pay Cycles

LeavePro caters for monthly, weekly and bi-weekly pay cycles.

An employee’s leave will accrue based on their pay cycle.

  • Monthly: Leave accrues once a month.
  • Weekly: Leave accrues once a week.
  • B-weekly: Leave accrues once every two weeks.

Note that if an employee is paid weekly but you want their leave accrued monthly then you can just assign them to a monthly pay cycle.

Select “Administration -> Pay Cycles” to view the pay cycles you have setup.

View Pay cycles

Adding a new Pay Cycle:

Press the “New Pay Cycle” button to add a new pay cycle.

New Pay cycle button

If you don’t see this button it means that all three types of pay cycles have already been added.

You’ll be able to choose what type of pay cycle you’d like to add.

Selecting the type of pay cycle to add

When adding a weekly or bi-weekly pay cycle you will need to enter what days it falls on.

When adding a bi-weeky payy cycle you will need to enter the last date of a previous pay cycle.

Pay cycle settings

Editing a Pay Cycle:

You can edit the weekly or biweekly pay cycle by clicking on them:

Editing a pay cycle

You can change the pay cycle period and then click the ‘Save Pay Cycle” button.

Deleting a pay cycle:

To delete a pay cycle click the delete icon next to it. You’ll be prompted to confirm before the pay cycle is deleted.

Deleting a pay cycle

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