Add, edit or delete a department

You can split-up your employees into departments.

Each department can have someone who’ll be responsible for approving leave for employees in that department.

To manage your departments select “Administration -> Departments” from the menu at the top of the screen.

Selecting departments from the Administration menu

Adding a new department:

Click the “New Department” button to add a department.

New Department button

You can enter the following information when adding a department:

  • Department Name
  • Leave Approver: The person responsible for approving leave for the department
  • Notifications: You can select or or more employees who should receive notifications for this department. You can choose to send notifications when leave is approved, cancelled, submitted and/or declined. These are in addition to notifications sent to leave approvers and people who requested leave.

Editing a Department:

Click on a department name to edit that department.

Editing a department

Make any changes you need to and click the “Save” button to save them.

Deleting a Department:

Click the delete icon next to a department to delete it.

Deleting a department

You’ll be asked for confirmation before the department is deleted.

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