How do I apply for leave?

Click the “Apply for Leave” button to request leave.

Apply for leave button

You’ll be able to enter the following information:

Leave application screen

Type of Leave:

First select the type of leave that you would like to apply for.

For some types of leave, such as sick leave, it might be necessary to enter a reason for the leave.

Dates on leave:

Next select the dates that you will be on leave.

The system will automatically calculate the number of days on leave.

In some cases you may want to change the number of days. For example, maybe you want to take a half days leave.

You can do this by ticking “Adjust days on leave” and entering the number of days.

Adjust days on leave option

Supporting Documents:

You can upload supporting documents if necessary. For example, a doctors certificate for sick leave.

Click the “Select file to upload” and choose the files to be included with your leave application.

Upload supporting documents

Submitting your leave for approval:

When you’re ready click the “Submit Leave” button.

Your leave application will be sent to your manager for approval.

You’ll be notified once the application has been approved or declined, but you can also check the status online at anytime.

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