Employee Leave Calendar

Each employee gets their own leave calendar where they can book leave, check their balances and see a full history of all their leave


Company Leave Calendar

See at a glance who will be away, allowing you to plan for busy times and avoid scheduling conflicts.


Easy access, anywhere, anytime

Running in the cloud means no worrying about installing software.

Employees, managers and HR can access the system any time from their cellphones, tablets or PC's.


Managers can approve or decline leave


All the information you need to make quick, smart decisions when approving leave.

Check the leave balances and see who else in the company will be away.

Helps you comply with the BCEA

Cater for annual leave, sick leave, family responsibility leave and other leave types.

Helps you stay compliant with the Basic Conditions of Employment Act.


Comprehensive Reporting


Export leave balances for your payroll systems and run reports on employee's leave balances and leave history.

Export reports to Excel or CSV to import into your Payroll system

E-mail notifications

Managers will receive an e-mail notification when a leave request is sent for their approval.

Employees will be notified when their leave is approved or declined.


Set up Departments with different approvers


Employees can be assigned to departments and each department can have a different leave approver.

Or assign a different approver for any employee.

Public Holidays

Automatically takes public holidays into account when applying for leave.


Sync with your other calendars


Sync your leave calendar with your Google, Outlook or other calendars so you can see your leave on your normal calendar app.

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