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Why Employees Consider Leaving Their Jobs

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Why Employees Consider Leaving Their Jobs
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More and more businesses are struggling to maintain their staff and although it may seem like they’re doing everything right, there are reasons why employees leave their jobs which can be easily fixed.

The question is, how bad is the situation?

A recent report by Kaspersky discovered that since the global Covid-19 pandemic, 44% of employees in South Africa are considering changing jobs in the next 12-months.

According to the report, the two biggest reasons why employees consider leaving their jobs is for a higher salary (57%) and to maintain a fair work-life balance (44%). It appears that, after the pandemic, more employees are looking to spend time with their families and pursuing their hobbies and interests.

That said, 39% would prefer to remain in their current position.

Another reason why employees consider leaving their jobs is stress. According to the report, 33% of staff want to reduce their stress and avoid working overtime. Meanwhile, another 26% are interested in pursuing a job for enjoyment.

“By rethinking their desires and capabilities, people will create a new working reality,” said Sergey Martsynkyan, head of B2B Product Marketing at Kaspersky. “Either changing job or staying in their current roles, they will strive to maintain the benefits of remote work and more comfortable settings,” Martsynktan continued. “But to achieve this, employees need to apply the appropriate attitude, learn to be flexible, and work smarter. And of course, they need to organise their working environment and take responsibility for its reliability and security. After all, this can even become a competitive advantage in employers’ eyes.”

This study highlights the importance for employees to achieve work-life balance. Part of doing so means being able to take leave without fear of how it will impact their job. Previous reports have indicated that many employees don’t take leave because they worry it will make them dispensable to their company. However, having at least some flexibility in terms of taking time off work will spare employees from psychological stress and burnout.

Many employers are concerned that productivity will be negatively impacted if staff do take leave but it has been proven that it will actually improve productivity. The key is to manage leave correctly so that you can track who is off work and also prepare if several employees plan to take leave over the same period.

A good online leave management system will be able to help you do this. When tracking leave, the go-to method is to record leave in Excel spreadsheets. The problem here is that it is time consuming and also leaves room for error. Tracking leave manually also means a lot of back and forth between departments.

An online leave management system like LeavePro can eliminate all this unnecessary work. It streamlines leave applications and approvals and allows you to automatically track employees’ leave balances. You can also access the system anytime from your phone, tablet or PC and it helps you stay compliant with the Basic Conditions of Employment Act.

We are offering a 14 day free trial, or if you would like to know more about the system you can also book a demo.